SunAspect is a mobile app that allows you to visualise the sun position and path throughout the day for summer and winter, and also for today. SunAspect Pro is the full featured version of SunAspect.

You can watch the SunAspect Pro video here.

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SunAspect Pro is available on iTunes and Google Play. It will soon be available on the Samsung store, and Kindle.

Sun Aspect is available for free on iTunesGoogle Play and Kindle

SunAspect Pro

SunAspect Pro is the full featured version of SunAspect. It is available on iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPad touch) and coming soon to Android and Kindle.

SunAspect Pro offers the following features over SunAspect:
  • Professional Graphics
  • Ability to show the sun's position today
  • Settings screen to allow you greater options and to control the apps behaviour
  • A legend to show what the color coded paths mean
  • Buttons to get direct access to support via email and make suggestions about the app
  • Share menu to allow you to share and save your image and data. The share menu allows you to email, SMS or save the information to facebook
  • Better support
In addition, new features are constantly being added to SunAspect Pro based on your suggestions.

How to use SunAspect

Launch SunAspect Pro and you will see the circular compass rendered over the map of your current location with the compass arrow pointing north. If your device has an inbuilt compass, the map will be rotated on your device so that it remains aligned with north no matter which way you are standing or holding your device.

You will also see a graphic that shows the sunrise and sunset positions for both winter and summer as well as the path of the sun. The legend on the lower right shows the color coding for the sun paths.

The map is downloaded in the background and shown on the display with the sun paths drawn over the top. 

The control bar at the bottom of the display allow you to get information about the application, obtain help by loading the web page, and gives access to the share menu in order to share your data with other devices or your friends.

The status bar above the control bar shows your current location and your present locality.

You can email, SMS, or post the information to facebook using the Share button. You can share the location (latitude, longitude and altitude) along with the name of the nearest town and the screen image.

The Settings icon is in the header bar and this allows you to customise SunAspect.

At the bottom of the Info screen there are buttons that allow you to email support about any problems you are having or make suggestions for new features.


SunAspect Pro can be configured using the settings page. Select the settings icon in the title bar and the settings page will be displayed. The available settings are outlined below.

Disable screen idle timer
This will make sure that the screen of your device does not turn off when you are trying to orient and study the sky plot. Enable this and whenever SunAspect is running, your screen will stay on.

Use large fonts
This enlarges the text so its easier to read when you don't have your glasses. At present it enlarges the information text when you hit the "Info" button.

Override location label
The location label is retrieved from an online database and is the name of the area where you are camped. The location label is shown on the user interface and is also provided when you are sharing your informtation. If you want to change this to be more specific then you can do this here. For example, you may want to change it from "Wollongong" to "Downtown Wollongong". Enable this option and type in the text you would like to see on the location bar.

Disable downloads
SunAspect uses the internet connection to request the name of the location and to download background maps. Set this option so that SunAspect does not attempt to download anything from the internet. This is useful if you want to conserve your download allowance.

Show today's sun path
When this is enabled, SunAspect shows today's sun path as well as summer and winter. Disable this one if your screen is getting too cluttered and you are more interested in how the sun changes across the different seasons.

Show legend
A legend is shown above the status bar on the right hand side of the display. It shows you the color coding of the path of the summer and winter sun paths. It also shows the colours for today's sun path if that option is enabled above.


Sun Aspect  allows you to visualise the sun position at different times of the year for your current location. It is ideal for seeing how the sun will rise, track, and set through summer and winter for your location. This will allow you to plan your property purchase, building project or addition.

The application performs all of the calculations necessary to show the sun tracks so does not require any network connection to operate. However, if there is a network available, the map for the location will be shown in the background and the name of the locality will be shown in the status bar.

About location name

Unless the location is overridden in the Settings, SunAspect retreives the name of the location from the internet. It uses the reverse geocode database to look up the name of the Locality. The locality is the general area of the current latitude and longitude. You can override the name of the location by changing the Settings.

About the compass skyplot...or light bed time reading :-)

The compass, along with the map, is automatically rotated on your device so that it is oriented correctly for the location where you are standing. The "compass" rendered on the device also behaves as a skyplot.

The skyplot allows visualisation of both the bearing or azimuth (the angle of the sun relative to north) and the elevation of the sun relative to the ground (or how high the sun is in the sky). The azimuth is shown by the position around the compass and is relatively intuitive. For example a mark near the easterly direction indicates an azimuth in that direction which is 90 degrees from north.

The elevation of the sun at a particular time however, is shown by the distance of the sun marker between the edge of the circle (representing the sun on the horizon) to the centre of the circle (representing the sun directly overhead). A sun mark higher towards the centre of the circle indicates that the sun is higher in the sky and a mark towards the outside of the circle indicates that the sun is lower in the sky. The sun will be at its highest point towards the middle of the day.


SunAspect and SunAspect Pro are developed and maintained by Beach Gum Software.


SunAspect is provided in good faith and is accurate to the best of our knowledge. Please verify the information before making financial decisions based on the data.