How to use SunAspect

Launch SunAspect Pro and you will see the circular compass rendered over the map of your current location with the compass arrow pointing north. If your device has an inbuilt compass, the map will be rotated on your device so that it remains aligned with north no matter which way you are standing or holding your device.

You will also see a graphic that shows the sunrise and sunset positions for both winter and summer as well as the path of the sun. The legend on the lower right shows the color coding for the sun paths.

The map is downloaded in the background and shown on the display with the sun paths drawn over the top. 

The control bar at the bottom of the display allow you to get information about the application, obtain help by loading the web page, and gives access to the share menu in order to share your data with other devices or your friends.

The status bar above the control bar shows your current location and your present locality.

You can email, SMS, or post the information to facebook using the Share button. You can share the location (latitude, longitude and altitude) along with the name of the nearest town and the screen image.

The Settings icon is in the header bar and this allows you to customise SunAspect.

At the bottom of the Info screen there are buttons that allow you to email support about any problems you are having or make suggestions for new features.