SunAspect Pro can be configured using the settings page. Select the settings icon in the title bar and the settings page will be displayed. The available settings are outlined below.

Disable screen idle timer
This will make sure that the screen of your device does not turn off when you are trying to orient and study the sky plot. Enable this and whenever SunAspect is running, your screen will stay on.

Use large fonts
This enlarges the text so its easier to read when you don't have your glasses. At present it enlarges the information text when you hit the "Info" button.

Override location label
The location label is retrieved from an online database and is the name of the area where you are camped. The location label is shown on the user interface and is also provided when you are sharing your informtation. If you want to change this to be more specific then you can do this here. For example, you may want to change it from "Wollongong" to "Downtown Wollongong". Enable this option and type in the text you would like to see on the location bar.

Disable downloads
SunAspect uses the internet connection to request the name of the location and to download background maps. Set this option so that SunAspect does not attempt to download anything from the internet. This is useful if you want to conserve your download allowance.

Show today's sun path
When this is enabled, SunAspect shows today's sun path as well as summer and winter. Disable this one if your screen is getting too cluttered and you are more interested in how the sun changes across the different seasons.

Show legend
A legend is shown above the status bar on the right hand side of the display. It shows you the color coding of the path of the summer and winter sun paths. It also shows the colours for today's sun path if that option is enabled above.